Welcome to the Skiing page! Skiing is my #1 passion in life. Here you'll learn all about it!

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I love skiing! The adventurous feeling, the rush of air as I carve through snow, the soft powder under my feet, the magnificent panoramic mountian view around me, the action-packed turns, the magical chair lift rides, the aesthetic of being in the snowy mountains - it's truly incredible. I have many skiing videos on my YouTube channel.

2022-2023 Season Videos

The 2022-2023 ski season has started, and we're doing frequent trips to Tahoe! Check out the videos of this season so far below (most recent at top)!

Falling Compilation

Check out this hilarious montage of all my skiing falls from the 2020-2021 ski season. Watch till the end, it gets intense!

Every year, I combine my passions for skiing and filmmaking by making an awesome 'ski season summary' video recapping my skiing advetures of that season. These videos have gotten better every year as my filmmaking and skiing skills improve. Check out the videos below!

Ski Season Summary Videos:

The Passion Within Skiers | A Skiing Short Film

Winter 2021/2022

This season, after moving to California, I got to ski in huge mountains, experiencing extensive powder for the first time. I went for a very cinematic and storytelling approach for this year's video, going on an adventure to explain why people love skiing so much.


To Where the Snow Falls - My Skiing Adventures of the 2020 - 2021 Ski Season

Winter 2020/2021

This season, despite moving to an area with little snow and mountains, I continued my documentary-style video approach.


From First to Last Snowflake - My Epic Skiing Adventures of the 2019 - 2020 Ski Season!

Winter 2019/2020

This season, as I got better at skiing and improved my filmmaking skills, I tried out a more cinematic and documentary-style approach to my video.



Winter 2018/2019

This season I tried out glade skiing for the first time and we went on a trip to Colorado.



Winter 2017/2018

My first time creating a season summary video.


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