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I love going on adventures! I love the unique feeling of living a primitive life while camping in the woods, of the rush of air and speed as I carve through soft powder while skiing, and of the magnificent and awe-inspiring views of mountains while hiking. They truly make me feel out-of-this-world and keep me craving for more!

I have many adventure travel videos on my YouTube channel. The above video is one of my more recent ones, and tells the story of our road trip through Southern California.

I went go karting and it was super fun! Check out the video above.

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I'm an active member of the Scouting troop in my local community. With frequent campouts and rank advancements with the goal of becoming a better citizen in the world, it's a program that I deeply believe in.



I love skiing! Check out this page about my passion!


Mount Emei

During the summer of 2018 I visited Mount Emei, a mountain near Chengdu, China with an elevation of 3099 m. The experience was truly incredible! Read the story to find out more!

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