Computer Science at ICS

What is Computer Science?

At first, the thought of computer science may seem daunting. It may be unclear what it really is - sleep deprived engineers with no social life staying up at night writing thousands of lines of code to hack world systems? Nope. It's really just using computers to solve problems, and once you get into it, you'll come to realize how enjoyable the topic is!

Why Computer Science?

Learning new languages, especially computer language, may seem like an impossible task at first. But remember, these languages were developed by humans and it's not all that hard to understand. Using these languages, you can create awesome finished products that are sure to make you feel proud of yourself and be like, "Wow, I made this!". Learning computer science will open a wide spectrum of possible career opportunities in the future, especially in a world so dependent on technology. For example, locally, iDEW has programs to help you dive deeper into computer science. Click the button below to learn more about it.

Example of Computer Science

This webpage was created by a student in the ICS Introduction to Computer Science class. If you'd like a deeper look of what awesome things are taught in this class, click the link below:

By the end of the course, you'll be able to code things like this webpage in under an hour! Press Ctrl+U to see the code created.

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