Welcome to Coding! Here you will discover about my passion for coding, about my coding experiences, some games I've coded, and more!

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I have a passion for coding! I love working my brain through complex computer language! I am currently learning HTML, Java, and a bit a CSS. I like challenging my brain. I love coding things and watching as my code does incredible things! Coding this website was really fun. I improved a lot in HTML, and learned a bit of CSS and Javascript. Here you will find some of my coding projects, games, and more! Enjoy exploring my website!

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Introduction to Computer Science

Date: Semester 1, 2020-2021

I'm taking an Introduction to Computer Science course, and I made this webpage just for it! All my coding assignments are on the IntroToCS page, with the exception of a few large assignmments, which are in a dedicated sublink of the page. Check it out!



My parents have two vacation rental homes in Florida, and they asked me to code a website about them. I used the same format as char787.com, but it still took a while. Check out the website here:


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