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Charlie Huang - B3

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Coding Assignment #1

Charlie Huang

My Passion for Adventure

I love adventure. I can't express this enough. I love going on adventures. I love skiing, camping, hiking, mountains, scenic views, unpredictable events - I love adventure. I love the independence and technology-free adventure that is Camping. I love hiking within the mountains and enjoying magnificent scenic views. I love skiing; zipping down the side of a mountain with my skis carving into the snow, smooth fluent turns making snow clouds with every move, and the cold, wintery air blowing in my face - I love skiing more than ever. Hence, I love adventure!

Future Intro to Computer Science Class

In the future of the Intro to Computer Science class, I hope to learn how to develop interactive and responsive websites. Websites that can respond to the size of the window as you shrink/expand it, and websites that play cool animations when you click buttons and scroll around. With this skill, I'd be able to dramatically improve

Coding Assignment #2

Spirit of Math - Advanced Math School!

Spirit of Math is an advanced math school for advanced students who excel in their school's math class and need an extra challenge! You need a minimum of a B+ Math grade on your previous report card to enroll, and once you're in, you work with other students just as intelligent and passionate as you are! Learn Math several grades above your current grade level and make yourself the smartest in the class at your normal school! Enroll for Grade 9 now, only $3425 (yes actually that expensive)! Click the image below to see Spirit of Math's website.

Click here to see a Math page on my website where I coded a multiplication game:

Click here to enroll (same link as the image):

I've been attending this extracurricular school since Grade 5 (it's from Canada, I moved to the US but since this year is virtual I'm able to do it again this year). I've learned a lot of Math over the years, and I recommend it to those who love math!

Welcome to Riverside High School

The best school food

It's pretty awesome

We have a underwater simulation tank

Just don't let Mr. Harper catch you turning it on

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Weird animals


kind of a fish that has a mane and walks underwater

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Joshua Huang

My Dad

Happy Times

I have many happy memories with my dad. We both love mountains and skiing, and we've been on many adventures together. We have similar interests, and he's always supportive of me and believes I will be very successful in life.

Strong Career

My dad got a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has become one of the best engineers in his sector. He's won many awards for his work. I want to follow his path, probably not in mechanical engineering, but I want to pursue a PhD in an engineering field (maybe Electrical Engineering).

From Low to High

Throughout his life, my dad has climbed from poverty to best in class. As a child, he grew up in a rural village in China. He oftentimes only had 1 small meal a day. Thanks to the help of his grandpa, he was able to get an education, and was the only person in his family to get enough education to leave the region and start a life in the city. Then, he continued to climb the ranks and got a PhD, moved to Canada, and now to the US!

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