Welome to Math! I have a huge passion for math. Here you will discover some of my work, some cool games and practices, and more! Have fun exploring my website!

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My name is Charlie and I have a huge passion for Math! I love complex things, and I love learning and doing Math, on my spare time or during school. I love the way numbers work together to do cool things. Some of my favourite things to do in the subject is learning how to derive a formula, applying formulas, learning cool tactics, and memorizing important numbers and facts! It seems like I've been born with this gift, as for my entire life since preschool, I've been at the top of my class in 'brain-intensive' subjects like Math and Science! Here you will discover some of my best work in Math, some cool practice games, and more!

Practice your multiplication!

What is E multiplied by E?

Note: You must press the submit button each time and backspace your previous answer each question.

That's all that's on this page for now. More will be added in the future! Check out some of the other pages on my website below.

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