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Char 787

My name is Charlie and I have a YouTube Channel called Char 787! As of February 2020, I have 144 subsrcibers. Thats a perfect square! I upload a variety of types of videos on my channel. I have skiing, camping, Minecraft, adventure, trip report, gaming, challenge, trickshot, math, and more types of videos! Lately, as we are deep in the ski season, I upload many epic skiing videos! Other than that, I am currentlly uploading camping, trip report, adventure, and challenge videos (like sleeping outside in -15 degree celcius temperatures). Below I will talk all about my YouTube channel, Char 787! Have fun exploring my website! (sub to meh plz)

My YouTube Logo - A GPS pin, a mountain, and a sunset, put together!

Char 787 is an epic YouTube Channel with 144 subscribers as of February 2020. The channel was created on Janurary 4th, 2017!

My objective is to create fun, epic, and adventurous videos to entertain all my viewers! In the winter, I upload lots of skiing videos, and in the summer, travel, mountain, and camping videos (though I upload winter camping videos too).

Click the logo, or my profile picture, to visit my channel!

My Profile Picture - A beautiful sunset atop a mountain range!

Types of Videos:


I upload many very intense, exhilarating, and fun skiing videos! I have a passion for skiing. It is my favourite sport. I'd say I'm good at skiing, well beyond the blacks at most Ontario ski resorts. I'm now improving my carving, and trying out glades, windows, which are extremely fun (and scary) for me! I have many skiing videos at a variety of ski locations.

Check out one of my skiing videos to the right!

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I used to upload lots of gaming videos, especially the game Minecraft, though recently I've 'retired' from the game. However, as a grand finale to my life with Minecraft, I made an epic "Beating Minecraft in one video" video. It's really intense and fun, so check it out! On my channel, you can find multiple Minecraft survival series, including, from first created to last, Survival Let's Play, Hardcore Survival, and Adventure Series! My minecraft videos are always entertaining, funny, and sometimes scary! (I scream a lot in my Minecraft videos)

Check out one of my Minecraft videos to the right! Click the button to see one of my Minecraft playlists. I upload quality content. Subscribing is appreciated!

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I love adventures. I love going out into the world and taking on challenges, doing dangerous things, seeing the beauty of the mountain ranges, and hiking out into the unkown world. The feeling of going on an adventure keeps me craving for more. So, naturally, I have lots of adventurous videos, whether it's hiking out into the depths of the mountains, or sleeping outside in the snowy woods in -20 degree celcius temperatures. Many of my adventurous videos are camping. Check some of them out!

Check out one of my adventurous videos to the right! Click the button below to see a playlist with many of them.

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Trip Report

I'm not sure if "Trip Report" is the right way to call it, but I go on lots of travels out into the world, and I document almost all of them into a fun video! It is always incredible to see different parts of the world, and the adventure is always better than I had imagined it!

Check out one of my trip report videos on the right! Click the button below to see a playlist with lots of them!

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