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My name is Charlie and I have a passion for adventure! I love the experience of going outdoors, camping, skiing, and an thrilling adventure! Here I will talk about some of my incredible adventurous experiences!

For now, that's all that's on this page. More will be added soon! Check the sublinks below for more pages in the Adventure section.

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Mount Emei

During the summer of 2018, I went on an adventure up Mount Emei, a 3099 meter tall mountain near Chengdu, China! It truly was an incredible experience, with awesome views at the top and a truly challenging hike to it! On this page, you will find a story about my adventures on Mount Emei.

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More About Me!


I love everything to do with Technology! I like admiring how circuits work and learning the science behind them. I enjoy coding, whether it is for a task or just doing it for fun. I like to learn how things work. I love complex things! Click Me to find out more!


I love seeking Adventure! It thrills me and makes me feel awesome. I like taking on challenges like climbing montains, camping outside in the winter, building and living in a shelter, climbing, hanging, and parkour. It seems like I've been born with it. Since I was little, I've been able to do adventurous things that other people have difficulty with. I always love seeking adventure! Click Me to find out more!


I like learning things in school, especially during Math and Science. I like completing tasks to the best of my ability and usually top my class. It also seems like I've been born with it. Since kindergarden, I've been at or near the top of my class, especially in Math, Science, and Literacy. Click Me to find out more!

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